Human Rights Law Network

Commonly known as HRLN, is a large nexus of lawyers based in India that have a unified vision of bringing basic human rights to the less fortunate within India. The group constitutes one of the largest networks of lawyers in the world.

In addition to their public facing website that displays all relevant verdicts and cases, Omnibus's flagship project of the year is HRNL's internal administrative software that has been nicknamed 'Goliath' owing to its magnitude. Omnibus is currently creating an interface that would link all users in a network where they can create, escalate and track Cases, Activities, Projects and Grands through a complex nexus of approvals and feedback. This software aims to streamline the internal processes at HRLN to better enable them to seamlessly further their incredible efforts.

  • - UI/UX Design
  • - Custom Backend Development
  • - CRM Design & Development